Bodrum Peshtemal Pure Cotton Beach Towel


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Super-soft Peshtemal cotton towels have been around the Mediterranean for at least eight centuries and they are finally available in America. These thin towels are super soft, healthy, and have many uses. Besides beaches and baths, they are great picnic companions to use as blankets, swaddles for your loved one, and a great snuggle for pets. Available in multiple colors, they are sure to please any personality.  Also, being so thin makes it very easy to carry around, keep it in the car or a backpack.


  • Traditional woven style
  • Ultra-soft
  • Multi-purpose towel
  • Take up less space
  • Reversible: Yes

Although Peshtemal is fairly new to America, it does have a very rich cultural background. Being around many centuries gave different cultures a chance to find other uses.  Bathrooms to Turkish Hammams to camping, it is still an essential item in the Mediterranean. In the past ten years, Peshtemal has become more popular around the World. This is why we have been working very hard to bring you the best available.

These are not like beach towels you are used to in the US.  Think more like a flowing wrap, a sarong, easy to secure at the waist or around your shoulders.

Its thin construction and generous proportion make it quick-drying, and multipurpose. Since it dries quickly, it avoids creating an unwanted mildew smell, which is a common problem with terrycloth towels.

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38'' x 70''


red, purple, pink, maroon, navy, green, blue, aqua, yellow